DOT: Dynamic Object Tracking for Visual SLAM

by   Irene Ballester, et al.
University of Zaragoza

In this paper we present DOT (Dynamic Object Tracking), a front-end that added to existing SLAM systems can significantly improve their robustness and accuracy in highly dynamic environments. DOT combines instance segmentation and multi-view geometry to generate masks for dynamic objects in order to allow SLAM systems based on rigid scene models to avoid such image areas in their optimizations. To determine which objects are actually moving, DOT segments first instances of potentially dynamic objects and then, with the estimated camera motion, tracks such objects by minimizing the photometric reprojection error. This short-term tracking improves the accuracy of the segmentation with respect to other approaches. In the end, only actually dynamic masks are generated. We have evaluated DOT with ORB-SLAM 2 in three public datasets. Our results show that our approach improves significantly the accuracy and robustness of ORB-SLAM 2, especially in highly dynamic scenes.


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