DOSM: Demand-Prediction based Online Service Management for Vehicular Edge Computing Networks

by   Anum Talpur, et al.

In this work, we investigate an online service management problem in vehicular edge computing networks. To satisfy the varying service demands of mobile vehicles, a service management framework is required to make decisions on the service lifecycle to maintain good network performance. We describe the service lifecycle consists of creating an instance of a given service (scale-out), moving an instance to a different edge node (migration), and/or termination of an underutilized instance (scale-in). In this paper, we propose an efficient online algorithm to perform service management in each time slot, where performance quality in the current time slot, the service demand in future time slots, and the minimal observed delay by vehicles and the minimal migration delay are considered while making the decisions on service lifecycle. Here, the future service demand is computed from a gated recurrent unit (GRU)-based prediction model, and the network performance quality is estimated using a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) model which has the ability to interact with the vehicular environment in real-time. The choice of optimal edge location to deploy a service instance at different times is based on our proposed optimization formulations. Simulation experiments using real-world vehicle trajectories are carried out to evaluate the performance of our proposed demand-prediction based online service management (DOSM) framework against different state-of-the-art solutions using several performance metrics.


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