Dose Prediction with U-net: A Feasibility Study for Predicting Dose Distributions from Contours using Deep Learning on Prostate IMRT Patients

09/26/2017 ∙ by Dan Nguyen, et al. ∙ 0

With the advancement of treatment modalities in radiation therapy, outcomes haves greatly improved, but at the cost of increased treatment plan complexity and planning time. The accurate prediction of dose distributions would alleviate this issue by guiding clinical plan optimization to save time and maintain high quality plans. We have developed a novel application of the fully convolutional deep network model, U-net, for predicting dose from patient contours. We show that with this model, we are able to accurately predict the dose of prostate cancer patients, where the average dice similarity coefficient is well over 0.9 when comparing the predicted vs. true isodose volumes between 0 dose for all structures were within 2.3



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