Dominance inequalities for scheduling around an unrestrictive common due date

by   Anne-Elisabeth Falq, et al.

The problem considered in this work consists in scheduling a set of tasks on a single machine, around an unrestrictive common due date to minimize the weighted sum of earliness and tardiness. This problem can be formulated as a compact mixed integer program (MIP). In this article, we focus on neighborhood-based dominance properties, where the neighborhood is associated to insert and swap operations. We derive from these properties a local search procedure providing a very good heuristic solution. The main contribution of this work stands in an exact solving context: we derive constraints eliminating the non locally optimal solutions with respect to the insert and swap operations. We propose linear inequalities translating these constraints to strengthen the MIP compact formulation. These inequalities, called dominance inequalities, are different from standard reinforcement inequalities. We provide a numerical analysis which shows that adding these inequalities significantly reduces the computation time required for solving the scheduling problem using a standard solver.



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