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Domain knowledge assisted cyst segmentation in OCT retinal images

by   Karthik Gopinath, et al.

3D imaging modalities are becoming increasingly popular and relevant in retinal imaging owing to their effectiveness in highlighting structures in sub-retinal layers. OCT is one such modality which has great importance in the context of analysis of cystoid structures in subretinal layers. Signal to noise ratio(SNR) of the images obtained from OCT is less and hence automated and accurate determination of cystoid structures from OCT is a challenging task. We propose an automated method for detecting/segmenting cysts in 3D OCT volumes. The proposed method is biologically inspired and fast aided by the domain knowledge about the cystoid structures. An ensemble learning methodRandom forests is learnt for classification of detected region into cyst region. The method achieves detection and segmentation in a unified setting. We believe the proposed approach with further improvements can be a promising starting point for more robust approach. This method is validated against the training set achieves a mean dice coefficient of 0.3893 with a standard deviation of 0.2987


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