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Domain Generalisation for Apparent Emotional Facial Expression Recognition across Age-Groups

by   Rafael Poyiadzi, et al.

Apparent emotional facial expression recognition has attracted a lot of research attention recently. However, the majority of approaches ignore age differences and train a generic model for all ages. In this work, we study the effect of using different age-groups for training apparent emotional facial expression recognition models. To this end, we study Domain Generalisation in the context of apparent emotional facial expression recognition from facial imagery across different age groups. We first compare several domain generalisation algorithms on the basis of out-of-domain-generalisation, and observe that the Class-Conditional Domain-Adversarial Neural Networks (CDANN) algorithm has the best performance. We then study the effect of variety and number of age-groups used during training on generalisation to unseen age-groups and observe that an increase in the number of training age-groups tends to increase the apparent emotional facial expression recognition performance on unseen age-groups. We also show that exclusion of an age-group during training tends to affect more the performance of the neighbouring age groups.


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