Domain Adaptive YOLO for One-Stage Cross-Domain Detection

06/26/2021 ∙ by Shizhao Zhang, et al. ∙ 0

Domain shift is a major challenge for object detectors to generalize well to real world applications. Emerging techniques of domain adaptation for two-stage detectors help to tackle this problem. However, two-stage detectors are not the first choice for industrial applications due to its long time consumption. In this paper, a novel Domain Adaptive YOLO (DA-YOLO) is proposed to improve cross-domain performance for one-stage detectors. Image level features alignment is used to strictly match for local features like texture, and loosely match for global features like illumination. Multi-scale instance level features alignment is presented to reduce instance domain shift effectively , such as variations in object appearance and viewpoint. A consensus regularization to these domain classifiers is employed to help the network generate domain-invariant detections. We evaluate our proposed method on popular datasets like Cityscapes, KITTI, SIM10K and etc.. The results demonstrate significant improvement when tested under different cross-domain scenarios.



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