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Domain Adaptation with L2 constraints for classifying images from different endoscope systems

by   Toru Tamaki, et al.

This paper proposes a method for domain adaptation that extends the maximum margin domain transfer (MMDT) proposed by Hoffman et al., by introducing L_2 distance constraints between samples of different domains; thus, our method is denoted as MMDTL2. Motivated by the differences between the images taken by narrow band imaging (NBI) endoscopic devices, we utilize different NBI devices as different domains and estimate the transformations between samples of different domains, i.e., image samples taken by different NBI endoscope systems. We first formulate the problem in the primal form, and then derive the dual form with much lesser computational costs as compared to the naive approach. From our experimental results using NBI image datasets from two different NBI endoscopic devices, we find that MMDTL2 is more stable than MMDT and better than support vector machines without adaptation.


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