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Does Dataset Complexity Matters for Model Explainers?

by   José Ribeiro, et al.

Strategies based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence - XAI have emerged in computing to promote a better understanding of predictions made by black box models. Most XAI-based tools used today explain these types of models, generating attribute rankings aimed at explaining the same, that is, the analysis of Attribute Importance. There is no consensus on which XAI tool generates a general rank of explainability, for this reason, several proposals for tools have emerged (Ciu, Dalex, Eli5, Lofo, Shap and Skater). Here, we present an experimental benchmark of explainable AI techniques capable of producing model-agnostic global explainability ranks based on tabular data related to different problems. Seeking to answer questions such as "Are the explanations generated by the different tools the same, similar or different?" and "How does data complexity play along model explainability?". The results from the construction of 82 computational models and 592 ranks give us some light on the other side of the problem of explainability: dataset complexity!


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