DMap: A Distributed Blockchain-based Framework for Online Mapping in Smart City

by   Fatemeh MohammadZadeh, et al.

Smart cities are growing significantly due to the growth of smart connected vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) where a wide range of devices are connected to share data. Online mapping is one of the fundamental services offered in smart cities which enables the vehicle owners to find shortest or fastest direction toward a destination thus reduces travel cost and air pollution. However, existing online mapping services rely on centralized servers, e.g., Google, which collect data from users to offer service. This method is unlikely to scale with growth in the smart city participants and introduces privacy concerns and data wall where data of the users is managed by big companies. To address these challenges, in this paper we introduce DMap, a blockchain-based platform where the users can share data in an anonymous distributed manner with service providers. To the best of our knowledge, DMap is the first distributed blockchain-based solution for online mapping. To improve the scalability of the blockchain, we propose to use edge-computing along with blockchain. To protect against malicious vehicles that may inject false data, we define a reputation system where the collected data of the vehicles is verified by monitoring the neighbor data. We introduce data marketplace where users can trade their data to address data wall challenge.



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