DKP-AOM: results for OAEI 2015

10/06/2015 ∙ by Muhammad Fahad, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we present the results obtained by our DKP-AOM system within the OAEI 2015 campaign. DKP-AOM is an ontology merging tool designed to merge heterogeneous ontologies. In OAEI, we have participated with its ontology mapping component which serves as a basic module capable of matching large scale ontologies before their merging. This is our first successful participation in the Conference, OA4QA and Anatomy track of OAEI. DKP-AOM is participating with two versions (DKP-AOM and DKP-AOM_lite), DKP-AOM performs coherence analysis. In OA4QA track, DKPAOM out-performed in the evaluation and generated accurate alignments allowed to answer all the queries of the evaluation. We can also see its competitive results for the conference track in the evaluation initiative among other reputed systems. In the anatomy track, it has produced alignments within an allocated time and appeared in the list of systems which produce coherent results. Finally, we discuss some future work towards the development of DKP-AOM.



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