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Diversifying Neural Dialogue Generation via Negative Distillation

by   Yiwei Li, et al.

Generative dialogue models suffer badly from the generic response problem, limiting their applications to a few toy scenarios. Recently, an interesting approach, namely negative training, has been proposed to alleviate this problem by reminding the model not to generate high-frequency responses during training. However, its performance is hindered by two issues, ignoring low-frequency but generic responses and bringing low-frequency but meaningless responses. In this paper, we propose a novel negative training paradigm, called negative distillation, to keep the model away from the undesirable generic responses while avoiding the above problems. First, we introduce a negative teacher model that can produce query-wise generic responses, and then the student model is required to maximize the distance with multi-level negative knowledge. Empirical results show that our method outperforms previous negative training methods significantly.


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