Distributed Policy Gradient with Variance Reduction in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

by   Xiaoxiao Zhao, et al.

This paper studies a distributed policy gradient in collaborative multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL), where agents over a communication network aim to find the optimal policy to maximize the average of all agents' local returns. Due to the non-concave performance function of policy gradient, the existing distributed stochastic optimization methods for convex problems cannot be directly used for policy gradient in MARL. This paper proposes a distributed policy gradient with variance reduction and gradient tracking to address the high variances of policy gradient, and utilizes importance weight to solve the non-stationary problem in the sampling process. We then provide an upper bound on the mean-squared stationary gap, which depends on the number of iterations, the mini-batch size, the epoch size, the problem parameters, and the network topology. We further establish the sample and communication complexity to obtain an ϵ-approximate stationary point. Numerical experiments on the control problem in MARL are performed to validate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.



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