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Distributed Optimal Formation Control for an Uncertain Multiagent System in the Plane

by   Clinton Enwerem, et al.
University of Maryland

In this paper, we present a distributed optimal multiagent control scheme for quadrotor formation tracking under localization errors. Our control architecture is based on a leader-follower approach, where a single leader quadrotor tracks a desired trajectory while the followers maintain their relative positions in a triangular formation. We begin by modeling the quadrotors as particles in the YZ-plane evolving under dynamics with uncertain state information. Next, by formulating the formation tracking task as an optimization problem – with a constraint-augmented Lagrangian subject to dynamic constraints – we solve for the control law that leads to an optimal solution in the control and trajectory error cost-minimizing sense. Results from numerical simulations show that for the planar quadrotor model considered – with uncertainty in sensor measurements modeled as Gaussian noise – the resulting optimal control is able to drive each agent to achieve the desired global objective: leader trajectory tracking with formation maintenance. Finally, we evaluate the performance of the control law using the tracking and formation errors of the multiagent system.


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