Distributed Learning in the Non-Convex World: From Batch to Streaming Data, and Beyond

by   Tsung-Hui Chang, et al.

Distributed learning has become a critical enabler of the massively connected world envisioned by many. This article discusses four key elements of scalable distributed processing and real-time intelligence — problems, data, communication and computation. Our aim is to provide a fresh and unique perspective about how these elements should work together in an effective and coherent manner. In particular, we provide a selective review about the recent techniques developed for optimizing non-convex models (i.e., problem classes), processing batch and streaming data (i.e., data types), over the networks in a distributed manner (i.e., communication and computation paradigm). We describe the intuitions and connections behind a core set of popular distributed algorithms, emphasizing how to trade off between computation and communication costs. Practical issues and future research directions will also be discussed.



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