Distributed Evaluation of Subgraph Queries Using Worstcase Optimal LowMemory Dataflows

by   Khaled Ammar, et al.

We study the problem of finding and monitoring fixed-size subgraphs in a continually changing large-scale graph. We present the first approach that (i) performs worst-case optimal computation and communication, (ii) maintains a total memory footprint linear in the number of input edges, and (iii) scales down per-worker computation, communication, and memory requirements linearly as the number of workers increases, even on adversarially skewed inputs. Our approach is based on worst-case optimal join algorithms, recast as a data-parallel dataflow computation. We describe the general algorithm and modifications that make it robust to skewed data, prove theoretical bounds on its resource requirements in the massively parallel computing model, and implement and evaluate it on graphs containing as many as 64 billion edges. The underlying algorithm and ideas generalize from finding and monitoring subgraphs to the more general problem of computing and maintaining relational equi-joins over dynamic relations.



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