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Distributed Estimation Recovery under Sensor Failure

by   Mohammadreza Doostmohammadian, et al.
Sharif Accelerator
Tufts University
European Union

Single time-scale distributed estimation of dynamic systems via a network of sensors/estimators is addressed in this letter. In single time-scale distributed estimation, the two fusion steps, consensus and measurement exchange, are implemented only once, in contrast to, e.g., a large number of consensus iterations at every step of the system dynamics. We particularly discuss the problem of failure in the sensor/estimator network and how to recover for distributed estimation by adding new sensor measurements from equivalent states. We separately discuss the recovery for two types of sensors, namely α and β sensors. We propose polynomial order algorithms to find equivalent state nodes in graph representation of system to recover for distributed observability. The polynomial order solution is particularly significant for large-scale systems.


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