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Distributed Energy Management and Demand Response in Smart Grids: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework

by   Amin Shojaeighadikolaei, et al.
The University of Kansas

This paper presents a multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) framework for autonomous control and integration of renewable energy resources into smart power grid systems. In particular, the proposed framework jointly considers demand response (DR) and distributed energy management (DEM) for residential end-users. DR has a widely recognized potential for improving power grid stability and reliability, while at the same time reducing end-users energy bills. However, the conventional DR techniques come with several shortcomings, such as the inability to handle operational uncertainties while incurring end-user disutility, which prevents widespread adoption in real-world applications. The proposed framework addresses these shortcomings by implementing DR and DEM based on real-time pricing strategy that is achieved using deep reinforcement learning. Furthermore, this framework enables the power grid service provider to leverage distributed energy resources (i.e., PV rooftop panels and battery storage) as dispatchable assets to support the smart grid during peak hours, thus achieving management of distributed energy resources. Simulation results based on the Deep Q-Network (DQN) demonstrate significant improvements of the 24-hour accumulative profit for both prosumers and the power grid service provider, as well as major reductions in the utilization of the power grid reserve generators.


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