Distributed Applications in Gamification of the Learning Process

by   M. Zagar, et al.

Driven by the fact that many of us experienced softer or not-so-soft lockdown, the intention of a couple of instructors at our university was to develop a collaborative tool that could help in online delivery and gamification on two courses that are delivered in the Business and IT curriculums we are offering to our students. That tool could be described as a decentralized web application that simulates Internet marketing principles and helps in gamification of the learning process for our students. We planned our web application for Internet marketing simulation as the gamification of the learning process, which is one of the basics for active learning for Internet Marketing course for International Business students, to gain new class activities by online simulation competing in the field of Internet marketing principles; and for IT students in developing the Web application and also on adopting Blockchain technologies for the distributed reports which need to have a consensus of all teams included in the simulation. The proposed solution includes the design of business logic simulation and using four main digital marketing tools social networking, content creating and sharing, search engine marketing, and display advertising in use of such application for hands-on online class exercises.



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