Distributed Anytime MAP Inference

by   Joop van de Ven, et al.

We present a distributed anytime algorithm for performing MAP inference in graphical models. The problem is formulated as a linear programming relaxation over the edges of a graph. The resulting program has a constraint structure that allows application of the Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition principle. Subprograms are defined over individual edges and can be computed in a distributed manner. This accommodates solutions to graphs whose state space does not fit in memory. The decomposition master program is guaranteed to compute the optimal solution in a finite number of iterations, while the solution converges monotonically with each iteration. Formulating the MAP inference problem as a linear program allows additional (global) constraints to be defined; something not possible with message passing algorithms. Experimental results show that our algorithm's solution quality outperforms most current algorithms and it scales well to large problems.




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