Distributed and Distribution-Robust Meta Reinforcement Learning (D2-RMRL) for Data Pre-storing and Routing in Cube Satellite Networks

by   Ye Hu, et al.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

In this paper, the problem of data pre-storing and routing in dynamic, resource-constrained cube satellite networks is studied. In such a network, each cube satellite delivers requested data to user clusters under its coverage. A group of ground gateways will route and pre-store certain data to the satellites, such that the ground users can be directly served with the pre-stored data. This pre-storing and routing design problem is formulated as a decentralized Markov decision process (Dec-MDP) in which we seek to find the optimal strategy that maximizes the pre-store hit rate, i.e., the fraction of users being directly served with the pre-stored data. To obtain the optimal strategy, a distributed distribution-robust meta reinforcement learning (D2-RMRL) algorithm is proposed that consists of three key ingredients: value-decomposition for achieving the global optimum in distributed setting with minimum communication overhead, meta learning to obtain the optimal initial to reduce the training time under dynamic conditions, and pre-training to further speed up the meta training procedure. Simulation results show that, using the proposed value decomposition and meta training techniques, the satellite networks can achieve a 31.8 40.7 reinforcement learning algorithm. Moreover, the use of the proposed pre-training mechanism helps to shorten the meta-learning procedure by up to 43.7


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