Distill-2MD-MTL: Data Distillation based on Multi-Dataset Multi-Domain Multi-Task Frame Work to Solve Face Related Tasksks, Multi Task Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning

by   Sepidehsadat Hosseini, et al.

We propose a new semi-supervised learning method on face-related tasks based on Multi-Task Learning (MTL) and data distillation. The proposed method exploits multiple datasets with different labels for different-but-related tasks such as simultaneous age, gender, race, facial expression estimation. Specifically, when there are only a few well-labeled data for a specific task among the multiple related ones, we exploit the labels of other related tasks in different domains. Our approach is composed of (1) a new MTL method which can deal with weakly labeled datasets and perform several tasks simultaneously, and (2) an MTL-based data distillation framework which enables network generalization for the training and test data from different domains. Experiments show that the proposed multi-task system performs each task better than the baseline single task. It is also demonstrated that using different domain datasets along with the main dataset can enhance network generalization and overcome the domain differences between datasets. Also, comparing data distillation both on the baseline and MTL framework, the latter shows more accurate predictions on unlabeled data from different domains. Furthermore, by proposing a new learning-rate optimization method, our proposed network is able to dynamically tune its learning rate.


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Data Distillation, Face-Related Tasks, Multi Task Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning

We propose a new semi-supervised learning method on face-related tasks b...

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