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Disentangled Deep Autoencoding Regularization for Robust Image Classification

by   Zhenyu Duan, et al.

In spite of achieving revolutionary successes in machine learning, deep convolutional neural networks have been recently found to be vulnerable to adversarial attacks and difficult to generalize to novel test images with reasonably large geometric transformations. Inspired by a recent neuroscience discovery revealing that primate brain employs disentangled shape and appearance representations for object recognition, we propose a general disentangled deep autoencoding regularization framework that can be easily applied to any deep embedding based classification model for improving the robustness of deep neural networks. Our framework effectively learns disentangled appearance code and geometric code for robust image classification, which is the first disentangling based method defending against adversarial attacks and complementary to standard defense methods. Extensive experiments on several benchmark datasets show that, our proposed regularization framework leveraging disentangled embedding significantly outperforms traditional unregularized convolutional neural networks for image classification on robustness against adversarial attacks and generalization to novel test data.


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