Discriminative Parameter Estimation for Random Walks Segmentation

by   Pierre-Yves Baudin, et al.

The Random Walks (RW) algorithm is one of the most e - cient and easy-to-use probabilistic segmentation methods. By combining contrast terms with prior terms, it provides accurate segmentations of medical images in a fully automated manner. However, one of the main drawbacks of using the RW algorithm is that its parameters have to be hand-tuned. we propose a novel discriminative learning framework that estimates the parameters using a training dataset. The main challenge we face is that the training samples are not fully supervised. Speci cally, they provide a hard segmentation of the images, instead of a proba- bilistic segmentation. We overcome this challenge by treating the opti- mal probabilistic segmentation that is compatible with the given hard segmentation as a latent variable. This allows us to employ the latent support vector machine formulation for parameter estimation. We show that our approach signi cantly outperforms the baseline methods on a challenging dataset consisting of real clinical 3D MRI volumes of skeletal muscles.


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The Random Walks (RW) algorithm is one of the most e - cient and easy-to...

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