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Discriminative Local Sparse Representation by Robust Adaptive Dictionary Pair Learning

by   Yulin Sun, et al.

In this paper, we propose a structured Robust Adaptive Dic-tionary Pair Learning (RA-DPL) framework for the discrim-inative sparse representation learning. To achieve powerful representation ability of the available samples, the setting of RA-DPL seamlessly integrates the robust projective dictionary pair learning, locality-adaptive sparse representations and discriminative coding coefficients learning into a unified learning framework. Specifically, RA-DPL improves existing projective dictionary pair learning in four perspectives. First, it applies a sparse l2,1-norm based metric to encode the recon-struction error to deliver the robust projective dictionary pairs, and the l2,1-norm has the potential to minimize the error. Sec-ond, it imposes the robust l2,1-norm clearly on the analysis dictionary to ensure the sparse property of the coding coeffi-cients rather than using the costly l0/l1-norm. As such, the robustness of the data representation and the efficiency of the learning process are jointly considered to guarantee the effi-cacy of our RA-DPL. Third, RA-DPL conceives a structured reconstruction weight learning paradigm to preserve the local structures of the coding coefficients within each class clearly in an adaptive manner, which encourages to produce the locality preserving representations. Fourth, it also considers improving the discriminating ability of coding coefficients and dictionary by incorporating a discriminating function, which can ensure high intra-class compactness and inter-class separation in the code space. Extensive experiments show that our RA-DPL can obtain superior performance over other state-of-the-arts.


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