Discriminative Graph-level Anomaly Detection via Dual-students-teacher Model

by   Fu Lin, et al.

Different from the current node-level anomaly detection task, the goal of graph-level anomaly detection is to find abnormal graphs that significantly differ from others in a graph set. Due to the scarcity of research on the work of graph-level anomaly detection, the detailed description of graph-level anomaly is insufficient. Furthermore, existing works focus on capturing anomalous graph information to learn better graph representations, but they ignore the importance of an effective anomaly score function for evaluating abnormal graphs. Thus, in this work, we first define anomalous graph information including node and graph property anomalies in a graph set and adopt node-level and graph-level information differences to identify them, respectively. Then, we introduce a discriminative graph-level anomaly detection framework with dual-students-teacher model, where the teacher model with a heuristic loss are trained to make graph representations more divergent. Then, two competing student models trained by normal and abnormal graphs respectively fit graph representations of the teacher model in terms of node-level and graph-level representation perspectives. Finally, we combine representation errors between two student models to discriminatively distinguish anomalous graphs. Extensive experiment analysis demonstrates that our method is effective for the graph-level anomaly detection task on graph datasets in the real world.


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