Discrete-time Robust PD Controlled System with DOB/CDOB Compensation for High Speed Autonomous Vehicle Path Following

by   Haoan Wang, et al.

Autonomous vehicle path following performance is one of significant consideration. This paper presents discrete time design of robust PD controlled system with disturbance observer (DOB) and communication disturbance observer (CDOB) compensation to enhance autonomous vehicle path following performance. Although always implemented on digital devices, DOB and CDOB structure are usually designed in continuous time in the literature and also in our previous work. However, it requires high sampling rate for continuous-time design block diagram to automatically convert to corresponding discrete-time controller using rapid controller prototyping systems. In this paper, direct discrete time design is carried out. Digital PD feedback controller is designed based on the nominal plant using the proposed parameter space approach. Zero order hold method is applied to discretize the nominal plant, DOB and CDOB structure in continuous domain. Discrete time DOB is embedded into the steering to path following error loop for model regulation in the presence of uncertainty in vehicle parameters such as vehicle mass, vehicle speed and road-tire friction coefficient and rejecting external disturbance like crosswind force. On the other hand, time delay from CAN bus based sensor and actuator command interfaces results in degradation of system performance since large negative phase angles are added to the plant frequency response. Discrete time CDOB compensated control system can be used for time delay compensation where the accurate knowledge of delay time value is not necessary. A validated model of our lab Ford Fusion hybrid automated driving research vehicle is used for the simulation analysis while the vehicle is driving at high speed. Simulation results successfully demonstrate the improvement of autonomous vehicle path following performance with the proposed discrete time DOB and CDOB structure.


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