Discovering Stock Price Prediction Rules of Bombay Stock Exchange Using Rough Fuzzy Multi Layer Perception Networks

by   Arindam Chaudhuri, et al.

In India financial markets have existed for many years. A functionally accented, diverse, efficient and flexible financial system is vital to the national objective of creating a market driven, productive and competitive economy. Today markets of varying maturity exist in equity, debt, commodities and foreign exchange. In this work we attempt to generate prediction rules scheme for stock price movement at Bombay Stock Exchange using an important Soft Computing paradigm viz., Rough Fuzzy Multi Layer Perception. The use of Computational Intelligence Systems such as Neural Networks, Fuzzy Sets, Genetic Algorithms, etc. for Stock Market Predictions has been widely established. The process is to extract knowledge in the form of rules from daily stock movements. These rules can then be used to guide investors. To increase the efficiency of the prediction process, Rough Sets is used to discretize the data. The methodology uses a Genetic Algorithm to obtain a structured network suitable for both classification and rule extraction. The modular concept, based on divide and conquer strategy, provides accelerated training and a compact network suitable for generating a minimum number of rules with high certainty values. The concept of variable mutation operator is introduced for preserving the localized structure of the constituting Knowledge Based sub-networks, while they are integrated and evolved. Rough Set Dependency Rules are generated directly from the real valued attribute table containing Fuzzy membership values. The paradigm is thus used to develop a rule extraction algorithm. The extracted rules are compared with some of the related rule extraction techniques on the basis of some quantitative performance indices. The proposed methodology extracts rules which are less in number, are accurate, have high certainty factor and have low confusion with less computation time.


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