DiRS: On Creating Benchmark Datasets for Remote Sensing Image Interpretation

by   Yang Long, et al.

The past decade has witnessed great progress on remote sensing (RS) image interpretation and its wide applications. With RS images becoming more accessible than ever before, there is an increasing demand for the automatic interpretation of these images, where benchmark datasets are essential prerequisites for developing and testing intelligent interpretation algorithms. After reviewing existing benchmark datasets in the research community of RS image interpretation, this article discusses the problem of how to efficiently prepare a suitable benchmark dataset for RS image analysis. Specifically, we first analyze the current challenges of developing intelligent algorithms for RS image interpretation with bibliometric investigations. We then present some principles, i.e., diversity, richness, and scalability (called DiRS), on constructing benchmark datasets in efficient manners. Following the DiRS principles, we also provide an example on building datasets for RS image classification, i.e., Million-AID, a new large-scale benchmark dataset containing million instances for RS scene classification. Several challenges and perspectives in RS image annotation are finally discussed to facilitate the research in benchmark dataset construction. We do hope this paper will provide RS community an overall perspective on constructing large-scale and practical image datasets for further research, especially data-driven ones.


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