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Dirichlet-Neumann learning algorithm for solving elliptic interface problems

by   Qi Sun, et al.

Non-overlapping domain decomposition methods are natural for solving interface problems arising from various disciplines, however, the numerical simulation requires technical analysis and is often available only with the use of high-quality grids, thereby impeding their use in more complicated situations. To remove the burden of mesh generation and to effectively tackle with the interface jump conditions, a novel mesh-free scheme, i.e., Dirichlet-Neumann learning algorithm, is proposed in this work to solve the benchmark elliptic interface problem with high-contrast coefficients as well as irregular interfaces. By resorting to the variational principle, we carry out a rigorous error analysis to evaluate the discrepancy caused by the boundary penalty treatment for each decomposed subproblem, which paves the way for realizing the Dirichlet-Neumann algorithm using neural network extension operators. The effectiveness and robustness of our proposed methods are demonstrated experimentally through a series of elliptic interface problems, achieving better performance over other alternatives especially in the presence of erroneous flux prediction at interface.


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