Directional PointNet: 3D Environmental Classification for Wearable Robotics

03/16/2019 ∙ by Kuangen Zhang, et al. ∙ 0

Environmental information can provide reliable prior information of human motion intent, which can aid the subject with wearable robotics to walk in complex environments. Previous researches have utilized 1D signal and 2D images to classify environments, but they may face the problems of self-occlusion. Comparatively, 3D point cloud can be more appropriate to depict environments, thus we propose a directional PointNet to classify 3D point cloud directly. By utilizing the orientation information of the point cloud, the directional PointNet can classify daily terrains, including level ground, up stairs, and down stairs, and the classification accuracy achieves 99 Moreover, the directional PointNet is more efficient than the previous PointNet because the T-net, which is utilized to estimate the transformation of the point cloud, is removed in this research and the length of the global feature is optimized. The experimental results demonstrate that the directional PointNet can classify the environments robustly and efficiently.



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