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Direction-aware Feature-level Frequency Decomposition for Single Image Deraining

by   Sen Deng, et al.

We present a novel direction-aware feature-level frequency decomposition network for single image deraining. Compared with existing solutions, the proposed network has three compelling characteristics. First, unlike previous algorithms, we propose to perform frequency decomposition at feature-level instead of image-level, allowing both low-frequency maps containing structures and high-frequency maps containing details to be continuously refined during the training procedure. Second, we further establish communication channels between low-frequency maps and high-frequency maps to interactively capture structures from high-frequency maps and add them back to low-frequency maps and, simultaneously, extract details from low-frequency maps and send them back to high-frequency maps, thereby removing rain streaks while preserving more delicate features in the input image. Third, different from existing algorithms using convolutional filters consistent in all directions, we propose a direction-aware filter to capture the direction of rain streaks in order to more effectively and thoroughly purge the input images of rain streaks. We extensively evaluate the proposed approach in three representative datasets and experimental results corroborate our approach consistently outperforms state-of-the-art deraining algorithms.


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