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Dijkstra Monads for All

by   Kenji Maillard, et al.

This paper proposes a general semantic framework for verifying programs with arbitrary monadic side-effects using Dijkstra monads, which we define as monad-like structures indexed by a specification monad. We prove that any monad morphism between a computational monad and a specification monad gives rise to a Dijkstra monad, which provides great flexibility for obtaining Dijkstra monads tailored to the verification task at hand. We moreover show that a large variety of specification monads can be obtained by applying monad transformers to various base specification monads, including predicate transformers and Hoare-style pre- and postconditions. For simplifying the task of defining correct monad transformers, we propose a language inspired by Moggi's monadic metalanguage that is parameterized by a dependent type theory. We also develop a notion of Plotkin and Power's algebraic operations for Dijkstra monads, together with a corresponding notion of effect handlers. We implement our framework in both Coq and F*, and illustrate that it supports a wide variety of verification styles for effects such as partiality, exceptions, nondeterminism, state, and input-output.


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