Digital Twin Virtualization with Machine Learning for IoT and Beyond 5G Networks: Research Directions for Security and Optimal Control

by   Jithin Jagannath, et al.

Digital twin (DT) technologies have emerged as a solution for real-time data-driven modeling of cyber physical systems (CPS) using the vast amount of data available by Internet of Things (IoT) networks. In this position paper, we elucidate unique characteristics and capabilities of a DT framework that enables realization of such promises as online learning of a physical environment, real-time monitoring of assets, Monte Carlo heuristic search for predictive prevention, on-policy, and off-policy reinforcement learning in real-time. We establish a conceptual layered architecture for a DT framework with decentralized implementation on cloud computing and enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) services for modeling, event detection, and decision-making processes. The DT framework separates the control functions, deployed as a system of logically centralized process, from the physical devices under control, much like software-defined networking (SDN) in fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. We discuss the moment of the DT framework in facilitating implementation of network-based control processes and its implications for critical infrastructure. To clarify the significance of DT in lowering the risk of development and deployment of innovative technologies on existing system, we discuss the application of implementing zero trust architecture (ZTA) as a necessary security framework in future data-driven communication networks.


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