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Differentiated context-aware hook placement for different owners' smartphones

by   Tian Chen, et al.

A hook is a piece of code. It checks user privacy policy before some sensitive operations happen. We propose an automated solution named Prihook for hook placement in the Android Framework. Addressing specific context-aware user privacy concerns, the hook placement in Prihook is personalized. Specifically, we design User Privacy Preference Table (UPPT) to help a user express his privacy concerns. And we leverage machine learning to discover a Potential Method Set (consisting of Sensor Data Access Methods and Sensor Control Methods) from which we can select a particular subset to put hooks. We propose a mapping from words in the UPPT lexicon to methods in the Potential Method Set. With this mapping, Prihook is able to (a) select a specific set of methods; and (b) generate and place hooks automatically. We test Prihook separately on 6 typical UPPTs representing 6 kinds of resource-sensitive UPPTs, and no user privacy violation is found. The experimental results show that the hooks placed by PriHook have small runtime overhead.


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