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Differential Privacy for Binary Functions via Randomized Graph Colorings

by   Rafael G. L. D'Oliveira, et al.

We present a framework for designing differentially private (DP) mechanisms for binary functions via a graph representation of datasets. Datasets are nodes in the graph and any two neighboring datasets are connected by an edge. The true binary function we want to approximate assigns a value (or true color) to a dataset. Randomized DP mechanisms are then equivalent to randomized colorings of the graph. A key notion we use is that of the boundary of the graph. Any two neighboring datasets assigned a different true color belong to the boundary. Under this framework, we show that fixing the mechanism behavior at the boundary induces a unique optimal mechanism. Moreover, if the mechanism is to have a homogeneous behavior at the boundary, we present a closed expression for the optimal mechanism, which is obtained by means of a pullback operation on the optimal mechanism of a line graph. For balanced mechanisms, not favoring one binary value over another, the optimal (ϵ,δ)-DP mechanism takes a particularly simple form, depending only on the minimum distance to the boundary, on ϵ, and on δ.


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