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Different Applications and Technologies of Internet of Things (IoT)

by   Feisal Masmali, et al.

Internet of things (IoT) has significantly altered the traditional lifestyle to a highly technologically advanced society. Some of the significant transformations that have been achieved through IoT are smart homes, smart transportation, smart city, and control of pollution. A considerable number of studies have been conducted and continue to be done to increase the use of technology through IoT. Furthermore, the research about IoT has not been done fully in improving the application of technology through IoT. Besides, IoT experiences several problems that need to be considered in order to get the full capability of IoT in changing society. This research paper addresses the key applications of IoT, the architecture of IoT, and the key issues affecting IoT. In addition, the paper highlights how big data analytics is essential in improving the effectiveness of IoT in various applications within society.


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