DIAS: A Comprehensive Benchmark for DSA-sequence Intracranial Artery Segmentation

by   Wentao Liu, et al.

Automatic segmentation of the intracranial artery (IA) in digital subtraction angiography (DSA) sequence is an essential step in diagnosing IA-related diseases and guiding neuro-interventional surgery. However, the lack of publicly available datasets has impeded research in this area. In this paper, we release DIAS, an IA segmentation dataset, consisting of 120 DSA sequences from intracranial interventional therapy. In addition to pixel-wise annotations, this dataset provides two types of scribble annotations for weakly supervised IA segmentation research. We present a comprehensive benchmark for evaluating the performance of this challenging dataset by utilizing fully-, weakly-, and semi-supervised learning approaches. Specifically, we propose a method that incorporates a dimensionality reduction module into a 2D/3D model to achieve vessel segmentation in DSA sequences. For weakly-supervised learning, we propose a scribble learning-based image segmentation framework, SSCR, which comprises scribble supervision and consistency regularization. Furthermore, we introduce a random patch-based self-training framework that utilizes unlabeled DSA sequences to improve segmentation performance. Our extensive experiments on the DIAS dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods as potential baselines for future research and clinical applications.


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