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Dial2Desc: End-to-end Dialogue Description Generation

by   Haojie Pan, et al.
University of Southern California
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

We first propose a new task named Dialogue Description (Dial2Desc). Unlike other existing dialogue summarization tasks such as meeting summarization, we do not maintain the natural flow of a conversation but describe an object or an action of what people are talking about. The Dial2Desc system takes a dialogue text as input, then outputs a concise description of the object or the action involved in this conversation. After reading this short description, one can quickly extract the main topic of a conversation and build a clear picture in his mind, without reading or listening to the whole conversation. Based on the existing dialogue dataset, we build a new dataset, which has more than one hundred thousand dialogue-description pairs. As a step forward, we demonstrate that one can get more accurate and descriptive results using a new neural attentive model that exploits the interaction between utterances from different speakers, compared with other baselines.


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