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DiaBLa: A Corpus of Bilingual Spontaneous Written Dialogues for Machine Translation

by   Rachel Bawden, et al.

We present a new English-French test set for the evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) for informal, written bilingual dialogue. The test set contains 144 spontaneous dialogues (5,700+ sentences) between native English and French speakers, mediated by one of two neural MT systems in a range of role-play settings. The dialogues are accompanied by fine-grained sentence-level judgments of MT quality, produced by the dialogue participants themselves, as well as by manually normalised versions and reference translations produced a posteriori. The motivation for the corpus is two-fold: to provide (i) a unique resource for evaluating MT models, and (ii) a corpus for the analysis of MT-mediated communication. We provide a preliminary analysis of the corpus to confirm that the participants' judgments reveal perceptible differences in MT quality between the two MT systems used.


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