DHLink: A Microservice Platform supporting Rapid Application Development and Secure Real-time Data Sharing in Digital Health

by   Wenhao Li, et al.

Digital health applications that leverage multiple sources of patient data for insights to patients' behaviours or disease symptoms as well as remote patient monitoring, nudging and treatments are becoming increasingly popular in various medical practices and research. One common issue among these applications is that they are generally based on project-specific solutions and developed from scratch. Such application development fashion results in large amounts of repetitive effort, for example, in building study specific websites and mobile frontends, deploying customised infrastructures, and collecting data that may have already been collected in other studies and projects. What is worse, the data collected, and functions built cannot be easily reused by other applications. In this paper, we present an event-driven microservice platform, namely DHLink, to address this issue. DHLink securely links existing digital health applications of different projects, facilitates real-time data sharing, and supports rapid application development by reusing data and functions of existing digital health applications. In addition, comes with DHLink, a set of highly generic and reusable microservices is provided, which allows developers to rapidly create a typical above-mentioned digital health application by only developing the core algorithms. Two use cases outlined in this paper have shown the use of DHLink and the set of microservices for application collaboration and new application development to be efficient and practical.



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