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DeviceTTS: A Small-Footprint, Fast, Stable Network for On-Device Text-to-Speech

by   Zhiying Huang, et al.

With the number of smart devices increasing, the demand for on-device text-to-speech (TTS) increases rapidly. In recent years, many prominent End-to-End TTS methods have been proposed, and have greatly improved the quality of synthesized speech. However, to ensure the qualified speech, most TTS systems depend on large and complex neural network models, and it's hard to deploy these TTS systems on-device. In this paper, a small-footprint, fast, stable network for on-device TTS is proposed, named as DeviceTTS. DeviceTTS makes use of a duration predictor as a bridge between encoder and decoder so as to avoid the problem of words skipping and repeating in Tacotron. As we all know, model size is a key factor for on-device TTS. For DeviceTTS, Deep Feedforward Sequential Memory Network (DFSMN) is used as the basic component. Moreover, to speed up inference, mix-resolution decoder is proposed for balance the inference speed and speech quality. Experiences are done with WORLD and LPCNet vocoder. Finally, with only 1.4 million model parameters and 0.099 GFLOPS, DeviceTTS achieves comparable performance with Tacotron and FastSpeech. As far as we know, the DeviceTTS can meet the needs of most of the devices in practical application.


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