Development of the InBan_CIDO Ontology by Reusing the Concepts along with Detecting Overlapping Information

by   Archana Patel, et al.

The covid19 pandemic is a global emergency that badly impacted the economies of various countries. Covid19 hit India when the growth rate of the country was at the lowest in the last 10 years. To semantically analyze the impact of this pandemic on the economy, it is curial to have an ontology. CIDO ontology is a well standardized ontology that is specially designed to assess the impact of coronavirus disease and utilize its results for future decision forecasting for the government, industry experts, and professionals in the field of various domains like research, medical advancement, technical innovative adoptions, and so on. However, this ontology does not analyze the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Indian banking sector. On the other side, Covid19IBO ontology has been developed to analyze the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Indian banking sector but this ontology does not reflect complete information of Covid19 data. Resultantly, users cannot get all the relevant information about Covid19 and its impact on the Indian economy. This article aims to extend the CIDO ontology to show the impact of Covid19 on the Indian economy sector by reusing the concepts from other data sources. We also provide a simplified schema matching approach that detects the overlapping information among the ontologies. The experimental analysis proves that the proposed approach has reasonable results.


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