Development of Embedded Speed Control System for DC Servo Motor using Wireless Communication

by   Santosh Mohan Rajkumar, et al.

In this experiment, a closed-loop discrete time system for speed control of a permanent magnet DC motor with discrete PI controller is implemented in embedded platform. The design analysis of the system is based on the mathematical model of the DC motor obtained by system identification technique. After that the closed loop system is distributed through a wireless network created by means of Bluetooth without any change in the discrete controller. The network connects the controller on one side with the sensor, actuator the plant on the other side. Then the performance of the closed loop system is observed with the wireless network in two configurations : with point-to-point connection between two nodes and a network structure with two intermediate nodes among the controller side node the plant side node. It has been observed that the performance degrades with only the PI controller a little bit in point to point configuration and the performance severely degrades in intermediate node configuration. To tackle this issue time delay is measured in the WNCS and then a digital smith predictor structure is implemented to obtain better performance. It has been observed that in point to point configuration the time delay remains almost constant and in intermediate node configuration the time delay is varying. Hence the digital smith predictor fails to perform reasonably in intermediate node configuration. An online time delay measurement estimation procedure has been implemented and proposed in this research. We have implemented an adaptive digital smith predictor using the online time delay measurement and identification. The implemented smith predictor provides good results for both intermediate node and point to point connection. An stability analysis of the DC motor system with variation of delay has been discussed.



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