Development of Dynamic Local Area Network (LAN) Based Mock Board Examination System

11/25/2020 ∙ by Charis Ann M. Sancho, et al. ∙ 0

Purpose-Mock board exam is necessary to identify if the students are ready to take the board exam. However, preparing for the examination is not easy. It takes too much time to release the result, given that the College has limited personnel. Thus, the proponents developed the Dynamic Local Area Network (LAN) Based Mock Board Examination System that makes the preparation and checking easy. Method-The proponents followed the iterative waterfall model to develop the system efficiently. Some criteria of ISO 25010 were adopted in the evaluation instrument. Simultaneously, evaluators are composed of program chairperson, College of Computer Studies (CCS) faculty, board program students, and alumni. Results-The result of 4.91 in Functional Suitability, 4.87 in Performance Efficiency, 4.91 in Usability, 4.90 in Security, and 4.92 in Maintainability shows that the system is fully functional and is usable by any board program. Conclusion The computer-based examination, implemented through LAN, can simplify administering personnel of MinSCAT mock board examination. The development of the "Dynamic LAN Based Mock Board Examination System" is a great help to the MinSCAT and their board program graduates if it is implemented. Recommendations-The system has hidden weaknesses that were only identified in actual operation. Thus, further testing is needed, like beta testing, to identify and correct it for better performance. After beta-testing, the system can be improved through iteration of the Waterfall Model phases. Research Implications-The developed system can improve the mock board examination process and ease preparing this significant examination. Moreover, it immediately provides a result that helps the examinees to identify their weaknesses and do a further review to master it.



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