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Development of a Home Automation System Using Wireless Sensor/Actuator Nodes

by   Babatope S. Ayo, et al.

This work presents the design and implementation of a wireless home monitoring and automation system consisting of wireless sensor/actuator nodes, wireless camera, and a home server. The low-cost wireless sensor/actuator node features temperature, light intensity and motion sensors, and actuator driver circuits for the control of motors, heaters, and lights. Server and client programs used to monitor and control the home were also developed. The home server receives and processes sensor readings, such as temperature and light intensity readings, and also transmits user commands to wireless nodes. The system provides ambient condition monitoring, graphing of sensor data, intrusion detection, automated device control, and video monitoring in order to achieve improved security and comfort in the home. In addition, users have the flexibility of determining sensor-actuator interaction at run-time. The developed system could also put the home in various configurable modes based on user requests, time or environmental cues.


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