Development and Simulation-based Testing of a 5G-Connected Intersection AEB System

by   Michael Khayyat, et al.

In Europe, 20 evolving communication technologies are making V2V and V2I faster and more reliable; with such advancements, these crashes, as well as their economic cost, can be partially reduced. In this work, we concentrate on straight path intersection collisions. Connectivity-based algorithms relying on 5G technology and smart sensors are presented and compared to a commercial radar AEB logic in order to evaluate performances and effectiveness in collision avoidance or mitigation. The aforementioned novel safety systems are tested in a blind intersection and low adherence scenario. The first algorithm proposed is obtained by incorporating connectivity information to the original control scheme, while the second algorithm proposed is a novel control logic fully capable of utilizing also adherence estimation provided by smart sensors. Test results show an improvement in terms of safety for both the architecture and high prospects for future developments.



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