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Developing Augmented Reality based Gaming Model to Teach Ethical Education in Primary Schools

by   Mohammad Ali, et al.

Education sector is adopting new technologies for both teaching and learning pedagogy. Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that can be used in the educational pedagogy to enhance the engagement with students. Students interact with AR-based educational material for more visualization and explanation. Therefore, the use of AR in education is becoming more popular. However, most researches narrate the use of AR technologies in the field of English, Maths, Science, Culture, Arts, and History education but the absence of ethical education is visible. In our paper, we design the system and develop an AR-based mobile game model in the field of Ethical education for pre-primary students. Students from pre-primary require more interactive lessons than theoretical concepts. So, we use AR technology to develop a game which offers interactive procedures where students can learn with fun and engage with the context. Finally, we develop a prototype that works with our research objective. We conclude our paper with future works.


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