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Detection of Tomato Ripening Stages using Yolov3-tiny

One of the most important agricultural products in Mexico is the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), which occupies the 4th place national most produced product . Therefore, it is necessary to improve its production, building automatic detection system that detect, classify an keep tacks of the fruits is one way to archieve it. So, in this paper, we address the design of a computer vision system to detect tomatoes at different ripening stages. To solve the problem, we use a neural network-based model for tomato classification and detection. Specifically, we use the YOLOv3-tiny model because it is one of the lightest current deep neural networks. To train it, we perform two grid searches testing several combinations of hyperparameters. Our experiments showed an f1-score of 90.0 stages in a custom dataset.


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