Detection of AI-Synthesized Speech Using Cepstral Bispectral Statistics

09/03/2020 ∙ by Arun K. Singh, et al. ∙ 9

Digital technology has made possible unimaginable applications come true. It seems exciting to have a handful of tools for easy editing and manipulation, but it raises alarming concerns that can propagate as speech clones, duplicates, or maybe deep fakes. Validating the authenticity of a speech is one of the primary problems of digital audio forensics. We propose an approach to distinguish human speech from AI synthesized speech exploiting the Bi-spectral and Cepstral analysis. Higher-order statistics have less correlation for human speech in comparison to a synthesized speech. Also, Cepstral analysis revealed a durable power component in human speech that is missing for a synthesized speech. We integrate both these analyses and propose a machine learning model to detect AI synthesized speech.



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